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GRIN scripts and tools. Find scripts in this directory. Other tools are in the linked repositories can be found below

Hub of links to other repositories with Grin tools and scripts

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Community channels and social media

  • KeyBase: Grincoin on keybase is the best place for technical discussions and to join general meetings

  • Grin Forum: Discuss everything Grin, meme contests, Research, mining, market, you name it!

  • Grin Telegram community: Buzzing with discussions memes, and anything else Grin related

  • Grin++ Telegram group: Any problems or questions with regard to Grin++ wallet, ask here.

  • Grin Ironbelly Telegram group: Any problems or questions with regard to Ironbelly wallet, ask here.

  • Grinventions Telegram channel: Innovative inventions for the grin cryptocurrency. Also discusses building the MimbleWimble Python implementatoin and quantum computing basic in Python

  • Grin Twitter: Activities suspender bla bla. When they try to silence you ... you know you are on the right path!

  • Grin Reddit Not that active, for more busy channels, check Telegram, Keybase and the forum